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7 Personal Accident Insurance Covers in Singapore

Personal accidents are some of the unforeseen incidences that occur from time to time. As we know, accidents and medical bills can put a dent in your savings. Which is why it is always best to be prepared in such situations. 

Personal Accident insurance covers provide the much needed financial support when dealing with medical bills. Should the insured die in an accident then such covers come into play and provide a form of financial aid. Such plans also cover unexpected medical expenses that might arise because of an accident.

Singapore, being a financial hub, comes with some of the biggest insurance companies in the world. These companies have tailored their Personal Accident insurance products to meet the ever-changing financial needs in the insurance sector.

Below are 7 Personal Accident insurance plans in Singapore.


NTUC Personal Accident Insurance

NTUC Personal Accident Insurance seeks to ease the sudden financial burden that might come into being in case of an accident. The plan comes in four different variants designed to provide a combination of benefits depending on one’s needs.

The Personal Accident insurance plan promises compensation of up to S$1.5 million in case of permanent disability. The insurance plan will also cater for up to S$20,000 in medical expenses in case of hospitalisation.

Coverage for accidental death on the insured starts from S$100,000 and goes up to S$1 million. The plan also covers diagnostic procedures and tests from S$1000 to S$5,000. Daily hospital income and weekly cash are also available ranging between S$100 to S$500.

AXA Smart Personal Accident

AXA Smart Personal Accident policy offer coverage against accidental death and permanent disablement. Coverage for accidental death and permanent disablement under the policy starts from S$100,000 to a maximum of S$300,000.

Medical expense coverage under the AXA SmartPersonal Accident ranges between S$2000 and S$6,000. The plan also comes with optional benefits including daily hospital cash allowance and income/loan protection cover.

Sompo Personal Accident Insurance Cover

Sompo Personal Insurance policy protects the insured as well as his/her family against various unexpected events. The policy provides cover for both minor and major injuries, partial or permanent disability as well as accidental death.

The policy comes in three tiers. The basic cover plan provides coverage against accidental death. Wide cover plan provides coverage against accidental death and partial & permanent disablement. Their comprehensive cover plan, on the other hand, goes a notch higher to provide coverage against temporary total disablement.

Coverage for accidental death could hit highs of $200,000. The company also insures permanent disablement for $200,000 as well. The insurance company also caters for medical expenses to $4000.

MSIG Personal Accident Insurance

MSIG is another top personal accident insurance provider. The insurance company offers coverage for accidental death as well as permanent and partial disablement. A payout of as much as $100,000 is available for permanent or total disablement. In case of accidental death, the firm will also pay out $100,000.

A hospitalisation cash benefit of $200 a day is available should you be hospitalised after an accident. The policy also offers a monthly income of $2,600 for two years if the insured is not able to work after an accident.

Aviva Personal Accident Insurance

Aviva Insurance Company also offers a Personal Accident policy. The policy provides coverage for accidental death as well as permanent disablement. The plan also caters for medical expenses and offers hospital allowance among the options.

Accidental death coverage and permanent disablement coverage starts from S$100,000 to S$300,000.Medical expense cover under the Aviva Personal Accident Policy starts from S$3,000 to $ S$20,000.

Some of the optional benefits that the insurance company offers include weekly temporary disablement cover S$200 per week.

FWD Personal Accident Plan

FWD is a reputable insurance company known for a diversified range of insurance products. The company offers five different personal accident insurance plans that cover things like accidental death and disability. Besides, some plans come with coverage for items such as ambulance fee, funeral grant among other emergency assistance.

The FWD Personal Accident offers coverage between S$100,000 to S$1 million. Permanent or partial disability coverage also ranges from S$100,000 to S$1 million depending on the premium one pays. Besides, the plan also offers medical expenses for both inpatient and outpatient starting from S$2,000.

The insured can also take advantage of unlimited emergency medical evaluation while abroad.  Optional riders that the plan comes with include daily hospital income, permanent or partial disability cover.

Prudential PRU Personal Accident Insurance

Prudential PRU Personal Accident insurance is a personal accident policy that seeks to complement other medical covers. The policy comes with different payouts and premiums designed to meet coverage of each client.

The policy offers accidental death coverage starting from S$100,000. It also provides cover for accidents that may lead to injuries or disability as well as coverage against animal and insect bites. The policy also offers coverage for any damages incurred while engaging in high-risk activities such as rock climbing and scuba diving

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