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Selecting the Right Insurance for Your Dog

Selecting Insurance for Your Dog

Health and life insurance for humans are relatively common offerings in Singapore’s insurance market. However, pet insurance has also risen in popularity as pet owners begin to recognise the benefits. Some insurance companies in Singapore do offer pet insurance but buying insurance for your dog might not be as easy as a walk in the park. 

There are many available options in the market, but the most important thing is to secure the pet insurance package that best suits you and your dog. There are numerous types of pet coverage to consider in Singapore before looking at the criteria for selecting the right insurance cover for your dog.

  • Surgery-related treatments
  • Non-surgery-related treatments
  • Accidental death and injury
  • Post-surgery treatment
  • Room & board fees
  • Theft
  • Third-party liability
  • Specific illnesses
  • Injury & accidental death
  • Final expenses
  • Overseas travel 
  • Dental

The above pointers will act as a guide towards selecting the insurance that is ideal for your dog as well as your financial capacity. If you are thinking about getting an insurance cover for your dog, that means you want to be ready in case anything happens to it and you do not want such incidents to affect your finances.

If finances are a concern, then you need to select the insurance cover that best suits your financial ability so that you can maintain the insurance premium payments. Also, make sure that your dog’s insurance cover is well within your budget.

Choose the Most Essential Features

Singapore-based insurance companies that offer pet insurance, particularly for dogs, provide a lot of options in their policy. The more the options, the more expensive the premiums get, which means that your choices are limited, and thus you have to make them count.

You should carefully read through the available insurance plans before selecting the features and before making the purchase. It will allow you to have a good understanding of the illnesses that are covered, medication and medical visits, among other essential factors. 

Reading the policy plan will also allow you to identify the features that are not supported. For example, routine health checkups may not be covered, but accidental injuries may be covered. Grooming for your dog and boarding will likely not be covered.

Going through the policy plan will also help you to understand the limits as well as deductibles. Note that all insurance policies clearly point out the limitations. For example, the insurer is willing to pay up to a certain amount for an expensive procedure in case of an accident. They might also compensate you for any out of pocket expenses.

Also, consider that there might be extra costs that may not be covered by insurance companies. It is advisable to pick out a higher insurance premium in case your dog is old. Older dogs have a higher likelihood of falling ill. Reading the policy plan will allow you to understand whether your dog’s health condition might result in extra costs.

Coverage Denial

Insurance companies may sometimes deny you coverage for your pet’s medical expenses and issues even if you have been paying the premiums. Some of the factors that may lead to denial of coverage include negligence, old age that is past the insurance cover’s range, and accidents that are not covered by the chosen insurance cover package. 

Medical Providers

Some insurance companies in Singapore work with particular health care providers, and this may offer you some benefits, such as lower expenses and easier insurance processing. You might, therefore, want to consider choosing an insurance company that has partnered with a vet that you will be comfortable taking your dog.

Health Condition

It is essential to consider your dog’s current health condition and age before taking out an insurance cover. The two factors will be vital in determining the monthly premium that you will be paying. You should also factor in the safety of your living environment to determine the level of risk that your dog will be exposed to. 

Your dog’s breed will also be a crucial factor because some breeds may be at a higher risk of particular health issues than their counterparts.


A dog is a serious commitment, and so getting it the right insurance cover is vital. The proper considerations will allow you to select the cover that best suits your preference.


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