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The Cheapest Domestic Helper Insurance Options in Singapore

Domestic Helper Insurance

The cost of hiring and maintaining a domestic worker in Singapore can be expensive. Taking a maid insurance cover is another requirement that an employer must adhere to under the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) requirements.

MOM requires domestic helper insurance policies to protect against personal accident to a tune of S$60,000. Such covers should also come with medical coverage of up to S$15,000. A security bond of S$5,000 is also a must. An insurance company from where one buys the policy can guarantee the bond.

Below are the top domestic helper insurance policies in Singapore

Etiqa eProtect Maid Insurance

If you are operating under a restricted budget, then Etiqa eProtect Maid Plan B would be an ideal maid insurance plan. Plan B is a mid-tier plan that provides excellent protection at a great value.

Etiqa eProtect Maid Insurance Features

  • Etiqa eProtect Plan B stands out with a price of S$208.65 which is 35% cheaper than the industry average
  • The policy offers personal accident and death coverage up to S$60,000
  • Provides protection for hospitalisation and surgical expenses up to S$15,000 a year.
  • Caters for repatriation expenses when sending maid home up to S$10,000
  • Promises to pay S$7,500 in case helper causes harm or injury to a third party
  • Policy to pay S$15 per day in case maid is in the hospital recuperating

FWD Essential Maid Insurance

FWD Essential Maid Insurance seeks to provide the best value for money while offering balanced coverage. It is one of the most affordable maid insurance policies in Singapore as it only costs S$185.30 for a 26-month policy. Unlike other policies, it offers more medical and more non-medical coverage.

FWD Essential Maid Insurance Features

  • All Round coverage on hospitalisation, accidental death or disability up to S$50,000
  • Covers outpatient medical expenses to a tune of S$300
  • Top up hospitalisation & Surgical costs of between S$5000 and S$30,000
  • Daily Hospital allowance of S$300
  • Provide coverage to home contents to a tune of S$3,000
  • Provide protection against theft by a domestic worker, fire or burglary

MSIG Maid Insurance

MSIG Maid Insurance is another high profile maid insurance cover. Affordability, as well as widespread coverage, are some of the attributes that make it stand out in the sector. The cover costs partly S$268 a year in premiums making it among the cheapest.

MSIG Maid Insurance Features

  • Offers up to S$60,000 in personal accident cover
  • Promises to cater hospitalisation and surgical expenses to a tune of S$15,000
  • Reimburses S$50 a day for 30 days in case an insured helper is hospitalised
  • Comes with a third party liability cover of up to S$5,000
  • Caters for outpatient expenses up to S$1,000

Great Eastern MaidGr8 Maid Insurance

Great Eastern MaidGr8 is an ideal maid insurance policy for people who would wish to get high-level liability cover at an affordable price. The policy costs $331.7 for a 26-month policy which is around the mid-tier market price. The policy costs slightly more because of its above-average coverage for third party liability. It also comes with wage reimbursement and fidelity.

Great Eastern MaidGr8 Maid Insurance Features

  • Covers up to S$60,000 for accidental death or permanent disablement
  • Hospital and surgical expenses reimbursement up to S$30,000 per year
  • Promises up to S$10,000 in benefits for repatriation to home country in case of death, accident or sickness
  • Comes with a domestic maid liability cover of up to S$50,000
  • Employers liability up to S$50,000


Hiring a domestic helper can turn out to be a costly affair. However, the same should not be the case with taking a domestic helper insurance cover. Such policies cost as little as S$350 every two years. Comparing various policies in the market, one is sure to end up with a policy that the most pocket-friendly.


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