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The Top Pet Insurance Policies In Singapore: Features Comparison

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Pet insurance is gaining traction in Singapore as the number of pet owners continues to rise. Finding the best pet insurance can, at times, be a challenge, even though there are a few providers that offer such covers.

Pets have become part of most families in the Island nation. As part of the family, they deserve the best of care when it comes to routine checkups and medical care. Unknown to many is that there are insurance policies that take the burden of having to pay out of pocket for medical costs at the vet.

There are a good number of policies, which offer coverage for basic pet illnesses as well as accidental injury and third-party liabilities. Comparing the pros and cons of all the available pet insurance policies is the best way to end up with the best pet insurance cover for your needs.

Below is a brief comparison of some of the best pet insurance covers in Singapore.

PetCare Pet Insurance

PetCare is the oldest insurance policies for pets in Singapore offered by Liberty Insurance. The policy provides coverage to both the pet owner and their pet. That said it protects against any unexpected costs related to medical or surgical expenses of their beloved pets.

The fact that PetCare reimburses up to 70% of all vet bills underlines its credentials as one of the best Pet insurance covers in Singapore.

PetCare Features

  • Reimburses up to 70% of vet bills 
  • Coverage pegged at S$10,000
  • No need for a pet medical examination
  • One can access veterinary services across the country
  • Provides protection against any losses caused by pet on third party property 
  • No Claim Discount of up to 15%
  • Coverage starts at S$1 a day

HappyTails Pet Insurance

HappyTails is another high profile insurance for pets cover underwritten by MSIG Singapore. The policy seeks to offer comprehensive coverage for accidents as well as illnesses. The insurance policy also provides coverage for all specified hereditary and congenital conditions.

HappyTails Pet Insurance Features

  • Promises up to 80% reimbursement on all vet bills
  • For Dogs, coverage has annual limits of S$12,500, S$7,500 and S$3,500 on the three plans available
  • For dogs, the policy covers medical and surgical treatment arising from accidents, genetic conditions, illnesses, emergencies, etc.
  • Coverage is available to over 200 dog breeds and puppies
  • For cats annual limit is capped at S$5,000
  • Cat and Kitten plan covers medical and surgical treatment


HappyTails only offers coverage for pets that are between 16 weeks and 9 years old. Coverage is also for micro-chipped pets only as well as those that have completed all the necessary vaccinations. The policy does not cover working pets, i.e. those engaged in law enforcement duties or those involved in racing.

Paw Safe Pet Insurance

Offered by AIA Singapore, Paw Safe is a Pet insurance that targets dog owners in Singapore. Unlike other plans in the country, it is more of an accident plan.

Paw Safe has low premiums of about S$79 in part because it does not cover vet expenses due to medical conditions that don’t emanate from an accident.

Paw Safe Pet Insurance Features

  • Pays up to S$1 million in case an insured dog causes damages to third parties, property loss or damage
  • Pays S$1000 or the purchase price, should a dog die due to an injury within 90 days of an accident
  • Reimburses veterinary expenses up to S$1000
  • Reimburses cremation and burial expenses up to S$250
  • Pays S$1000 or purchase in case a dog is stolen from home address


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