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Tips for Choosing the Right Cat Insurance in Singapore

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Cat insurance is a necessity as it allows one to plan for health care and other costs for a pet’s routine maintenance. Similar to how we buy health and home insurance, it essential to purchase cat insurance. Such policies shield one from unnecessary financial losses from a cat being ill and needing medical treatment.

Cat insurance is also essential as it shields one from third-party liability claims that the pet inflicts on other people. Cat insurance, just like other pet insurance, has gained popularity in Singapore in recent years. With an upsurge of pet owners, such covers are becoming a commonplace. 

With the rise in costs of veterinary care, pet insurance definitely comes in handy. Unlike in the past, new medicines, as well as treatment options, have cropped up. With the advancements in technology, most of these treatment options can be burdensome when it comes to costs. Cat insurance will also go a long way in protecting you from unexpected expenditure that might come into being.

You will be surprised that pet insurance providers in Singapore allow you to customise an insurance policy to meet your cat’s needs.

Follow the simple tip outlined below, to end up with the right insurance for you and your cat.

Compare Pet Insurance Policies

Since there are several options in terms of the policies available in the market, it would be wise to make comparisons before purchasing a policy. 

Doing your due diligence is a sure way of finding an affordable and reliable cat insurance policy.

Some of the items to look at when comparing include premiums as well as deductibles and co-pays. By comparing the plans, you should end up with a plan that is friendly to your pocket and ideal for your cat.

Pay Attention to Coverage

Understanding what a policy covers is essential. Before purchasing a premium for cat insurance in Singapore, confirm whether the plan has an exclusion for pre-existing conditions. Some policies may also have exclusions for hereditary or diseases related to breeding.

Take time to understand and make inquiries on some of the factors that may affect coverage. If you don’t understand the policy language call customer care to explain in a way you can understand.

Go With Coverage That Works For You

Ideal cat insurance would be one that caters for routine wellness such as vaccinations and wellness exams. Before purchasing a plan, it would be essential to discuss with your veterinary. Such a professional would provide vital information on some of the items that the cat insurance policy must cover.

A veterinarian should provide insights on some of the common health conditions that your cat is likely to face.

Watch Out for Excesses

A cat insurance policy with low premiums may not be friendly to your pocket in the long run. Likewise, it is essential to be on the lookout for policy excesses that might come up. An insurance provider might keep premiums low with the sole intention of increasing surpluses for veterinary fees. 

Therefore, it is essential to monitor any policy excesses that might come into being in advance.


It is only now that pet insurance has started to pick the pace, thanks to an upsurge in pet owners in Singapore. Comparing various policies and taking cover early is a sure way of ending up with the best deal that would cater to all crucial treatments.

Some of the top cat Insurance policies in Singapore include PetCare offered by Liberty Insurance Singapore. MSIG Singapore also offers cat insurance cover under the HappyTails brand.

Angie Quek

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