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Which insurance for when I’m Hospitalised – Personal Accident or Integrated Shield?

When choosing an insurance plan, there are considerations that need be to taken into account. For example, the premiums you are going to pay as well as the services that the insurance covers you for.

Most Singaporeans are covered by the Medishield Life insurance. Additionally, a number have opted to bolster this with an Integrated Shield Plan.

There are other options that you can choose from which means Singaporeans have a variety of covers to pick from. However, the choice of an insurance cover requires considering the term of coverage, the cost of premiums and the coverage limit.

Differences between Personal Accident Insurance & Integrated Shield Plan

Personal Accident Insurance is designed to provide compensation in the unfortunate event of accident. For example, tripping and breaking your leg. However, Personal Accident Insurance may not appeal to low-income earners. In Singapore, it is preferable because it offers a wide range of options to choose from.

Additionally, its coverage is not limited the period after the accident, but it is inclusive of pre-hospitalisation. Therefore, if you are injured and hospitalised, the option of the Integrated Shield Plan over a Personal Accident Insurance is beneficial. Here are some of the distinct features of the Integrated Shield Plan that make it appealing.

Duration of coverage

When considering an insurance option take into consideration how long you need to be covered for and how the claims are paid out. Integrated Shield Plans are convenient in covering medical costs. It has the option of pre-hospitalisation as well as post-hospitalisation which can cost a lot of money.

The advantage of this plan is that it can cover even other illness like a stroke or heart attack, and also accidents that can take time for full recovery. A Personal Accident Insurance plan may only cover you for a limited period. This is usually the 12 months following the accident. The plan covers your treatment before and after “as Charged”. Meaning that there are no limits to claims on your hospital expenses.

Annual coverage

The Integrated Shield Plan usually provides yearly coverage limits. As such, they cover almost all your bills. However, it is essential to note among the premiums offered, avoid a low premium if you want better, more comprehensive coverage.

It won’t make sense if you were to economise your plan by choosing to save money and then failing to get full medical coverage in the event you need to seek medical services.

Premium prices

Integrated Shield Plans are popular due to the subsidy from Medisave. You can use Medisave to fund part of your Integrated Shield Plan premium. Unlike Personal Accident Insurance premiums that do not have any form of subsidy. The Integrated Shield Plan, therefore, scores among most people should you get hospitalised.

The affordability of this plan is further enhanced by the MediShield Life portion that you can pay with Medisave. Additionally, the Private Insurer portion can also be paid via your Medisave plan within government caps.

An Integrated Shield Plan may appeal to most Singaporeans. However, the downside is that its premiums and additional withdrawal limits increase with age and it may be difficult to cover your full premium.

This means that as you age you should be prepared to start paying for your premiums in cash. Therefore, when choosing an insurance plan choose one that you can afford while at the same time looking for comprehensive coverage.

Wee Jim Hock

Business Development Director

Mr. Wee has over 40 years' experience in General Insurance and he has been in Pana Harrison since 2005. Previously with QBE Insurance International Ltd for 25 years till 2004, and last position as AGM for distribution. He was a Member for Motor Committee with General Insurance Association (GIA) from 1979 till 1988.

Then he was a Convenor for Motor Workmen & Other Committee. He was also a Council Member for Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) from 1988 till 1993, then Deputy Chairman from 1994 till 2000. He served as Chairman from 2001 till 2004.