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5 Benefits of Getting your Smartphone Covered

According to the Singapore Business Review, 4.83 Singaporeans were using smartphones by January 2018. Interestingly, many users are losing their devices to accidental falls and theft. Which is why we recommend getting your personal smartphone covered by insurance.

There is little statistical evidence as to how many people have to buy new devices due to accidental falls. Considering the prices, losing a smartphone or tablet to a fall or theft can be very painful. In particular, the latest model of iPhone in Singapore grosses for roughly S$999. Several other brands are popular in the market and many of their prices are comparable.

You might even think of your smartphone as an investment. Also, most of our conversations and interactions happen over smartphones. We interact over social media and other smartphone-based platforms. Interestingly, the Singapore Business Review also notes that by January 2018, social media users were up by 9%. We keep most of our lives on our smartphones.

What Does Smartphone Insurance Cover?

Smartphone insurance covers the most important aspects of the device like cost of repairs. Additionally, the plan can provide a replacement when your device breaks beyond repair. Particularly, each insurer provides various offers for smartphone coverage. There are those that will cover both repair expenses and replacement while others will cover either one.

Getting smartphone insurance is relatively simple. In Singapore today, there are a number of firms that offer smartphone policies. In particular, a MobiCare plan will cover accidental damage as well as damage due to liquid spillage.

There are several plans available and all promise to ensure that you have peace of mind while using your device. The following are some of the benefits for smartphone insurance cover.

Peace of Mind

Considering the hefty price we pay to land new trendy devices, it is understandable to worry about their safety. An insurance plan will protect your devices and will cover repair expenses, leaving you with peace of mind.

It is Cheap

Most smartphone insurance plans won’t burn a hole in your pocket. For instance, Singtel offers an insurance plan for its customers. Dubbed MobileSwop plan, it only costs $8 a month. Interestingly, policyholders can replace their spoilt device at Singtel. However, the plan only allows for two swops a year.

In particular, you only pay $181 to swop for a device going at $1,000 or higher. For the same device, you will pay $532 as replacement fee in case you wish to replace the device.

A Good Safety Plan

Some insurance plans even cover Singaporeans’ devices abroad. This implies that if you went on holiday, you will not have to worry about theft. Getting an insurance plan will give you a sense of safety even when abroad and in unknown locations.

Avoids Risky Outside Repairs

In the instance that your smartphone breaks down and you need to send it for repair, you can trust that you are going to a licensed repairman. While getting your phone repaired at non-licensed store could mean spare parts that may not be original. With smartphone insurance, you can ensure that all repairs are legitimate.

Avoid Loss of Money

Research indicates that smartphone holders are less likely to go for repairs once their device spoils. Interestingly, some opt for new phones, which could incur a greater loss of money. Instead, you could send your phone for repairs and save yourself some extra money.


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