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Pros & Cons of Getting your Mobile Phone Covered

We keep the better part of our lives on our mobile phones. Everything from our daily schedules to our memories are stored in on these little devices. We even rely on them to wake us up in the morning!

The prices of mobile phones are on the rise with the latest model of the Apple iPhone grossing for over s$1000. While there are other popular models on the market, prices are comparable.

How many times have you dropped your phone, or let it slip off your lap when you weren’t paying attention? In light of this, it becomes a matter of urgency to find ways of protecting your mobile phone. Some Singaporeans go ahead to acquire accessories like screen guards and protective cases. However, this might not be enough.

For this reason, some Singaporeans are opting for mobile phone insurance. In particular, the insurance packages mostly cover loss, damage, and theft. If a policyholder had his/her gadget lost to a pickpocket on the streets, one could lodge a claim with the insurer.

If you’re now considering purchasing insurance for your mobile phone, we are going to walk you through some of the pros and cons of doing so.


Obviously, getting your phone insured is a positive step that brings peace of mind. Interestingly, many people do not take insurance because they think they might not need it. While you might think that your phone is safe in your hands, accidents can and do happy. We think it might be better being safe over being sorry when it comes to a device as personal as your mobile phone.

In addition, buying insurance for your phone means that in case of damage you will be assured professional care. Usually, when your phone is damaged and needs repair, you will take the device to any repairman. In that case, you run the risk of exposing your gadget to further damage if the repairer is not a professional.

Purchasing coverage for your mobile phone is important in ensuring that you are eligible to claim a replacement for your phone. Most insurers allow their policyholders to make two claims in a year. However, this greatly depends on the insurer you choose and the plans they offer.


While insurance is good if the device damages but what if you purchase insurance and find that you do not damage the device. You might find that you’ve spent a chunk of money on insurance that you never needed in the end.

Additionally, purchasing insurance could sometimes have the opposite effect. In particular, one is likely to get careless regarding the safety of his/her device since someone else shoulders the expenses. Essentially, this is what experts call moral hazard. This is the case where people drop their responsibility towards a certain thing since they won’t shoulder expenses.

In addition, all insurance plans include deductibles. These are the amount one pays before the insurer pays out the claim. With such extra expenses on top of premiums, it makes the plan expensive.


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