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What Do Golf Insurance Plans Typically Cover?

Golf insurance normally falls under what is known as exotic insurance. In particular, exotic insurance covers things that are not commonplace, in this case, golf.

One of the most important attractions to Singapore is golf. Interestingly, many people fall for golf because they believe it is a safe pastime. However, you might be surprised to learn that research indicates that you are more likely to pick up an injury playing golf over rugby. For this reason, you might want to consider investing in golf insurance.

Golf enthusiasts, especially those who travel abroad for a game may believe travel insurance covers golf insurance. Since travel insurance will cover all incidences that happen outside the borders of Singapore, and you have annual travel insurance where you play golf in Dubai and other areas. Your plan will cover your equipment and other incidences when playing abroad.

However, once you came back and play on the Marina Bay Golf Course, you are no longer covered by your insurance. Therefore, you need to purchase golf insurance within Singapore. But what exactly does a golf insurance plan cover?


A hole-in-one is a lasting tradition for initiated golfers. In essence, the tradition demands that one who sinks a hole-in-one buys drinks for the other players. Typically, each club has its own rules regarding the culture.

Did you know that you can take a protection policy? This is what golfers and insurers call Hole-In-One insurance. Specifically, once you have the cover, the insurer will pay for the drinks. However, there is usually a limit as per the maximum amount payable in a single period.

Golf Equipment

The equipment associated with golf isn’t what most people would consider cheap. Therefore, you may need a plan to secure your golf clubs or golf cart, in case something were to happen.

Usually, insurance covers against theft and damage during a golf game. This implies that you will not be eligible for a claim if you lost your equipment off of the a golf course.

Personal Accidents

Most golf courses are located in the open environment, which means they are exposed to all manner of elements. As a result, the terrain can become slippery. In the case that you do slip and sprain your ankle, this plan will cover you. However, the policy will not cover the accidents suffered outside the golf course.

Third Party or Public Liability

In the case that the golf ball might goes off the desired course and causes injury to a spectator, they may decide to sue for damages. Some clubs do not have covers for these type of cases and it may come down to you to foot the bill. Interestingly, if you have third party liability cover, your insurer will take care of all the expenses.

Additionally, if you cause damage to property around the golf course, this plan will protect you.

Membership Fee

The membership fees to golf clubs can run on the higher end. In light of this, it will be a huge loss not to play for the entire period covered by the fees. To avoid the loss, it is common for members to take insurance cover for the fees. Therefore, the insurer will compensate you for the period you did not end up making use of your membership.


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