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5 Golf Insurance Plans for Singaporeans

Singapore has one of the most prestigious golf courses in the world. It attracts players from the world over. As such, the players need assurance that their safety is guaranteed, even in the face of potential risks.

Typically, golf insurance covers players, equipment, members’ fee to clubs, and even spectators and their property. Additionally, it also takes care of eventualities arising from damages to third party property. This includes third party injuries, if a golf ball accidentally smacks a spectator’s cranium, the insurance will cover the damages.

Insurance also protects the players in terms of any injuries sustained while playing, the cover also takes care of hospitalisation. Furthermore, your insurance also covers membership fees in case one fails to play and has already made payment. With all this in mind, what golf insurance plans should you consider in Singapore?

Every insurer has their own plan and it is up to the buyer to decide which works best for them. However, the most common plans are as follows.

AVIVA Hole-In-One Insurance

Customarily, once you hit a hole in one during a competition among club members, you buy drinks. Every club has its own policy when you comes to buying the winning round.

As you know, drinks in Singapore can run quite a large tab at the end of the day. Therefore, you will be happy to know that this insurance plan covers the costs of buying the winning drinks. However, there is usually a cap to the amount that you can claim for these drinks.

In particular, the Aviva hole-in-one insurance goes ahead to cover a rain-check of the event. Which will come in handy if the event is cancelled.

Golf Clubs & Equipment Insurance

Basically, the insurance plan covers all the implements that facilitate golfing. A casual look at the price tag on simple club indicates just how expensive the equipment is. Therefore, a comprehensive cover might help you avoid punitive charges in the costs of replacements.

However, this kind of insurance plan does not cover the wear and tear of your equipment. Further, most policies on offer do not cover theft when you are not playing golf, for example if your golfing equipment is damaged at home. Additionally, this includes theft when you are not being careful with your equipment.

Personal Injury

Interestingly, most people do not realise that golfing can be a dangerous sport. It is quite possible to get seriously hurt while golfing as a result of a bad fall. Further, there are other dangers to personal safety such as snakes or lightning. However, bear in mind that this policy does not cover injuries sustained away from the golf course.

Third Party Liability

Golf may not be as popular as soccer might be but it does have a huge following. During a swing, you may lose control of the golf ball and hit a spectator, causing injury.

Most golf clubs do not compensate such instances and hence it comes down to you to cover the medical expenses. In this case, an insurance plan will protect you from unexpected expenses.

Golf Club Membership Fee Insurance

Typically, club membership comes at a very expensive premium. What happens when you cannot play? An insurance plan can protect you against non-utilisation of your membership fee. In case you do not play in the period covered by the fees, you can claim this insurance.


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